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4 Living Room Furniture Must-Haves
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  • 4 Living Room Furniture Must-Haves

So you just moved into your new space, and you’re already busy imagining how you’re going to host guests and entertain friends. But when you look into your living room, it’s more of a blank canvas rather than a warm space for gatherings. Where do you start with sprucing up your living room?

These four living room furniture must-haves were picked by us atSofas 2 Furnishings, your California furniture specialists. Read on to learn more; and if you’re interested in any of our pieces, be sure tocheck out our inventory today!

living room furniture set


The all-important sofa is not to be overlooked or undersold. This, along with your coffee table, are probably two of the most important pieces of living room furniture you can own. It’s a space for guests to sit and relax at your home, and provides you with your own little slice of cushiony comfort.

dining room furniture set

Coffee Table

Coffee tables are one of those items you don’t often think about until you’re looking for a place to put your mug or glass. Sofas 2 Furnishings advises you to pick out a great coffee table that speaks to your style, and is the perfect size for your living room. If you need help deciding,our experts are standing by to help!

bedroom furniture set

Media Stand

When you entertain, it’s common to have a TV on, or some music playing. Your media stand is mission control for all things media and entertainment. A media stand from Sofas 2 Furnishings gives you everything you need to mount your TV, store audio and video equipment, and look good doing it.Check out our inventory today!

kids bedroom furniture set

Side Tables

Finally, we have the humble side table, a venerable companion to the sofa or chair for decades. We recommend asturdy, well-made side table to accompany your sofa purchase. When coffee tables are too far away from the couch, when all space is taken, a side table offers you and your guests a place to put small items.

No living room is complete without furniture. Without any tasteful, well-made pieces from Sofas 2 Furnishings, your living room is just… a room!